Hazel has learnt to eat! Update Summer 2013


Hazel eating

A year after I sent out my first appeal asking you to sponsor a highly specialized feeding treatment for my little daughter Hazel I wish to say a big thank you to you all for what you did for us. I was very moved to see that so many of you were prepared to help us. Within a few weeks we raised the full amount needed for the treatment and more than that! With the extra funds we have had help at home that has enabled us to give Hazel intense one-to-one care when she most needed it and to continue to take part in the Graz feeding programme in London.

Hazel is doing incredibly well. She is breathing fully on her own and no longer needs a bottle of oxygen attached to her. She is eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with her siblings and drinking milk before going to bed. We are still partially supplementing her with milk through her gastrostomy because of her repeated illnesses (mainly chest infections) during the winter and consequent loss of weight. But in the last two months she has recovered beautifully. She has started to say her first amusing words and she is terribly mischievous. She started walking about 3 weeks ago and nothing can stop her now. When I look at her I am so proud of how she has managed to recover from those first terrible months of her life.

I feel reassured to know that my friends and family were there for her when she really needed it. I haven’t yet managed to write a thank you card or e-mail to each of you but one day I will!

If you

wish to see Hazel and her co-triplets click on the link below to see a 7-minute video dedicated to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Cambridge:


Thank you so much for your help, thoughts and kind words,

Esperanza, Garret and Hazelina

PS Please forward this to whomever you know donated for Hazel. We had many anonymous donors and people, whom we had never met.

Hazel has not yet learnt to eat

Hazel is nearly 10 months old and has not yet learnt to eat through her mouth. Due to her medical condition she has been tube fed since she was born but she is now ready to learn. We urgently need her to begin a highly-specialized feeding programme in Austria before she develops a complete aversion to food. Can you help us?